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Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the members of the Elba Police Department is to protect the rights and properties of all citizens served by the City of Elba. We will be dedicated to preserving public peace while aiding those who are in urgent need. As members of the Elba Police Department, we are committed to excellence in our law enforcement duties and are dedicated to the citizens of Elba, Alabama. We will strive to collaborate diligently with all members of the City of Elba to provide the best quality of service to all we serve. We will always conduct ourselves in a professional and courteous manner which will reflect our integrity and the vision of the Elba Police Department.

The Elba Police Department will enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner to preserve the constitutional rights of all. Our goal is to protect life and property, prevent and deter crime, and to reduce the fear of crime amongst our citizens. While performing these tasks, we will provide services with integrity, understanding, and compassion. We will value human life by prioritizing situations that threaten life, only using force when necessary, and treating all with respect and courtesy. We will strive to hold ourselves to a higher moral and ethical standard to ensure community trust.

If you are calling the police department with a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.













      Russ Young, Lieutenant



Elba Police Department

304 Simmons Street

Elba, AL 36323

(334) 897-2555

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