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The City of Elba’s sanitation department provides weekly curbside pickup of garbage to all residents and businesses inside the city limits.  The city provides garbage cans for its customers.  In order to be eligible for pickup a city issued can must be used.  For more information, please call (334) 897-2333.


A few things to remember:


  • Nothing outside or on top of the can will be picked up.  All items must be in the city issued garbage can.

  • When placing your can out for pickup, make sure it is at least 4 ft. away from any other objects such as, mail boxes, vehicles, shrubs, light poles, etc.

  • Please do not place chemicals such as, paint or hot ashes in the garbage can.  No TV’s, electronics or batteries.


Residential customers:  Residential customers will be provided a 95 gallon can.  Additional cans may be requested for an additional fee.


Business customers:  Business customers will be provided one 95 gallon can.  Additional cans may be requested for an additional fee.


Dumpsters are also available to businesses within the city limits.  Please call Elba City Hall for more information on obtaining a dumpster for your business.


Click here to see the GARBAGE PICK-UP SCHEDULE.


Trash/Bulk Pickup:

The City of Elba’s sanitation department does provide bulk/trash pick-up.  The service does run daily.  All trash, weeds, cutting from trees, lawns and gardens shall be included in bulk/trash pick-up unless there is one-half trailer load (10 cubic yards) or more, in which case a fee of $75.00 will be added to the customer’s bill per the City of Elba, AL Ordinance 04112016.


How do I dispose of large items such as, refrigerators and couches?  Bulk items such as, refrigerators, couches and televisions will be picked up by the sanitation department if they are placed in the city’s right of way near the road.  However, we do ask that bulk items be separated.  For example, please stack all weeds, tree limbs into one stack; metals into one stack and large furniture items into a separate stack.


What is not allowed to be picked up?  The sanitation department will not pick-up tires, paint, shingles, or any flammable chemicals or containers that hold flammable chemicals.


Contractors cutting trees and/or remodeling homes are responsible for disposing of their own discarded material(s).  Customers will incur a fee on their bills if contractors do not properly do so.


Sanitation Collection Holiday Schedule:  The schedule varies with each holiday.  Please check the City of Elba’s Facebook page and the local newspaper for any changes in the collection schedule.


Recycling drop off center:  The City of Elba does have a recycling drop off center located on Newton Street where paper, plastic and card board boxes may be disposed.


What if I am handicapped and need assistance with my garbage pick-up?  The city will provide handicapped service to qualifying customers.  A note from the customer’s doctor must be presented at Elba City Hall in order to qualify for this service.


Deceased animals:  The City of Elba’s sanitation department does not pick-up dead animals.  To have a deceased animal that is in the city’s right of way picked up, please call Animal Control at (334) 897-2555.


The City of Elba does not have a landfill.  We utilize the Coffee County Landfill (334) 894-5556.


How do I report a missed collection?  Please call a representative at Elba City Hall at (334) 897-2333.


Who do I contact with questions/concerns about my service?  Please call a representative at Elba City Hall at (334) 897-2333.

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